ABBY BROWNE - Hawarden

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Mobile: 07803187004

My name is abby.  I am an artist based in Hawarden, North Wales.  I studied at Art College in 1999 and later went onto University studying Fine Art.  

I have loved painting and drawing since a young child and my passion for art has developed into a career over time. 


I now have my own business selling original acrylic and oil paintings. I also sell prints of my work and have taken on numerous commissions.

I love to capture beauty in my art.  My work has been described as being authentic, atmospheric, showing passion and mystery.

After a very dark period of my life where I worked with a lot of black and white in my paintings, I've moved into a better place and see life through its natural beauty, in colour.

I hope to spread positivity and love to the world through my art.

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