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Greg Forster graduated from Swansea Metropolitan University in 1992, since then he has worked professionally as a London based freelance illustrator, and latterly in graphic design. Now based in his native North Wales, he uses the knowledge and skills acquired in those professions to shape his artistic vision.

His artwork is inspired by the events of his own personal experiences, personifying bizarre subjects in complex circumstance. Working in a mix of contemporary mediums, such as acrylic paint, ink, spray paint, marker pen and pencil on paper, board and canvas.

Greg has blended his skills in graphics and illustration with his love of bright colour and surrealism to bring about artwork that depicts life's pleasures and predicaments in a surreal world. His use of bold colour in this surreal environment allows Greg to challenge the boundaries and explore his own obsessions.

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The Heart of the City
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Old Dee Bridge
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Blue World
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