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JILLY TURL - Eglwysbach


At art college Jilly studied multi-media, batik, screen printing and calligraphy. This led to her teaching art as a career for more than 25 years.


Since retiring, Jilly has relocated from Oxfordshire to North Wales, and has been re-energised by the stunning surroundings of Snowdonia.


Looking for a flexible new medium and inspired by the breath-taking North Wales coastline near her home, Jilly has embarked on her current passion for pastel interpretation of crustaceans and sea life.


“As a student, at art college in London, I was always drawn to the National History Museum. I spent many hours sketching and developing themes.”


Jilly’s unique paintings are lively, spontaneous, and often humorous, choosing her colourful palettes from a wide range of vibrant soft pastels.

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