MARY THOMAS - North Wales


Mobile:  07702228256


Mary Thomas is a Welsh artist who began her Alternative Photography  journey after retiring from a teaching  career in 2014. She started with Cyanotype  considered to be one of the first photographic processes (1842) and then wet Cyanotype.


With her love of experimentation this ultimately led to the Cyanolumen  , a combination of  silver gelatin paper, cyanotype solutions, various household ingredients and sunlight to create one of a kind works. 

She collects leaves and flowers from her garden and the countryside as well as using her own digital imagery.She was drawn to the illustrations of Ernst Haeckel, a German biologist, as fitting for the Cyanolumen process and uses them to great effect.


Her work involves ongoing experimentation with adding kitchen cupboard ingredients  such as turmeric, salt, baking soda and dilute vinegar, a sort of photographic alchemy that results in one of a kind works that cannot be replicated. 

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