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Art is an escape by Liz Bolloten

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

These are strange times that we are living through indeed. For certain, some of us are having a much harder time of it. Not least, coping with ongoing isolation and perhaps profound loneliness…

Here in North Wales, such a beautiful part of the country, many can get out for walks and fresh air, but for others, whether through illness or strict rules of separation , it is not possible. So, where does Art fit into that? Art is an escape like no other. Opening your paints can transport you to where ever you wish to go. Many artists have good practice at solitary life styles already. In fact there is subject matter around everywhere , even inside.

For me I have slightly changed my way of working, doing some still life’s that reflect confinement and narrow spaces. The main thing is always expressing what you feel and trying to get that onto the paper.

There is ALWAYS a good reason to paint, and people are waking up to the fact that it is good for your mental well being as well. I think every circumstance is a challenge, and as an Artist, you must always strive to be true to your authentic self. So, get the paints out! Even if for nothing more than to watch Watercolour flowing down the page and creating a different universe.

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