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Finding a Subject by Liz Bolloten

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

“Finding a subject“ is not something I set out to do, although I am always looking! Rather, it is a sub conscious matter and invariably my eye is drawn to low key/off centre stage themes.

Almost all my inspiration comes from within Bodnant. For example, this painting became an embryo in my mind on a very unassuming connecting pathway. I became aware of the possibilities when I noticed the plant material dying back and the cold autumnal sun highlighting the linear shapes and skeletal remains.

Technique is something that invariably becomes your handwriting, and I am more concerned with how I can depict something of the essence: A footprint, which can encapsulate the substance of my thought processes.

I find Autumn/Winter exciting, as the Summer sheds its florid vibrant apparel and the stark outlines render themselves towards a more graphic interpretation.

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Paul Pigram
Paul Pigram
18 févr. 2020


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