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The Settee by Carol Udale

Updated: Jan 16

My daughter Jenny, granddaughter Lexi and Rose the Pomeranian descended upon my little house when they were between homes and now find themselves stuck here during lockdown.

They are squashed into my bedroom (me now in the box room – with a queen Anne bed for me and the two dogs to fight over). The 2nd bedroom is my workroom and now also Jenny’s office for Money Supermarket. I scuttle in whenever she is not working to get videoing and paintings done.

Lexi spends oodles of time playing “Vets” with her friends via my phone, laptop, and her I Pad, whereby fluffy toys mount up on my desk having cuts to be sewn up and masking tape bandages to be wrapped. They shout to each other as kids do getting louder and louder as they think no one is listening to them.

Alexa blares out music to the taste of a 7-year-old. I switch off my hearing aid.

The settee has become our gravitational spot for tea, games, telly, arguments, chill time, pink gin and then some more. Rose can watch the world from atop of the cushions and let us know if a cat or nothing has gone by with a good rendition of “Yap Yap Yap”.

Daisy is considerably older than Rose and would far rather have the settee all to herself but must contend with stuffing herself between Jenny and me. She has always liked to sit with the girls to listen to the chit chat.

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