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Weatherman Walking - Melanie Williams

One of our artists Mel Williams was recently invited to be part of a group of artists meeting by the riverside at Betws y Coed and the Weatherman Walking Programme.

Mel said “It was wonderful to meet Derek and he was just as happy and cheerful as he comes across on the TV. We did the filming along the Llugwy riverbank and found a beautiful spot to sketch. It was a lovely sunny day and the dappling from the trees and the light across the water was very pretty indeed.

Derek had a short lesson from Alison Bradley on charcoal drawing whilst David Morgan, Jean Morgan and I sat and sketched the scene sitting by the river. We are all north Wales artists inspired by the local landscape but it was lovely to join a group of likeminded people and try out a different medium.

I never usually work in charcoal as encaustic is my medium of choice as a rule. For this I have to use electricity to heat up the wax so it was great to get out into the fresh air.

“The programme sees Derek travelling through Snowdonia to walk a section of the Slate Trail to promote the former slate mining communities in the area before he meets us in Betws y Coed.

You can watch the Weatherman Walking programme on catchup Series 12 episode 2:

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