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'The Sound of a Raven's Wings Beating' is a beautiful new book by Liz Bolloten

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

"Finally I can announce the publication of Sound of a Raven’s Wings beating. It is a love story really, of how interacting with Nature is a never ending source of wonder and creative responses to it.

Visiting the same place every day, you become sensitive to the subtle changes, watching dramas unfold and die back. I could easily have painted so much more as there was so much material"

'The Sound of a Raven's Wings Beating' explores Liz Bolloten’s artistic journey in a Welsh garden throughout the year. The book is 114 pages long, contains pigment info, diary entries and features over 70 of Liz’s beautiful watercolour paintings.

ORDER THE BOOK NOW - Direct from Liz's website:

Official launch of the book and an exhibition of over 70 original paintings takes place on TUESDAY 2nd AUGUST to SUNDAY 28th AUGUST at ORIEL MON GALLERY, ANGLESEY

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