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There are probably as many different ‘conceptual’ artists as there are leaves on a tree but many of them would not consider themselves to be so!

So what is a conceptual artist?

A concept is something that is conceived in the mind, an idea or a theory, so conceptual art is art that is developed from the artist’s intellectual or emotional response to something.

Conceptual art can be and can look like almost anything. This is because unlike a painter who will think, ‘how can I paint that tree?’; a conceptual artist uses whatever materials and whatever form is most effective at putting their idea across, ‘how can I show my feelings when I walking through a forest?’.

I sketch but use more then just the visual sense, I close my eyes and draw the sounds around me and the smells. I sit and meditate in the landscape, running my hands through the soil, grass or sand. I often use my non-dominant hand. All these are ways of tapping into the sub-conscious and unconscious mind.

If I explain the development my last body of work, ‘The Lost Family’ it might make more sense. I did not begin with the notion of painting my deceased family, the concept for the art work developed unconsciously when I spent time going through old photographs and trying to remember time spent with various members of my family. When I looked at photographs from my early childhood and had no memory of what I had felt or experienced.

This experience produced feelings of sadness, and a longing to recall the happy times. I tried to show this in the paintings through an exploration the themes of the myth of the ideal childhood, the temporary dreamlike quality of reality and an unconscious search for something lost.

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Updated: Jul 24, 2022

"Finally I can announce the publication of Sound of a Raven’s Wings beating. It is a love story really, of how interacting with Nature is a never ending source of wonder and creative responses to it.

Visiting the same place every day, you become sensitive to the subtle changes, watching dramas unfold and die back. I could easily have painted so much more as there was so much material"

'The Sound of a Raven's Wings Beating' explores Liz Bolloten’s artistic journey in a Welsh garden throughout the year. The book is 114 pages long, contains pigment info, diary entries and features over 70 of Liz’s beautiful watercolour paintings.

ORDER THE BOOK NOW - Direct from Liz's website:

Official launch of the book and an exhibition of over 70 original paintings takes place on TUESDAY 2nd AUGUST to SUNDAY 28th AUGUST at ORIEL MON GALLERY, ANGLESEY

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Packed with lore, history, and beautiful illustrations, Welsh Monsters & Mythical Beasts is an indispensable registry of everything that lurks in the shadows, glides just beneath the surface, or goes bump in the night. I love it!

— Todd Lockwood

Upon the dramatic landscape of Wales there have been born many creatures and beings of legend.

This lushly illustrated guide delves into the dragons, beasts, fair folk, and spirits of Wales. Tales become blended and one with history, and this history meets illustration with C.C.J. Ellis’ rich renderings of these creatures.

This new edition includes a Welsh language guide so that each of the creatures might be known by their original Welsh names. Ellis aims to re-introduce the beasts of Welsh myth and legend to the world and bring a touch of Wales to your shelves.

Part of the Wool of Bat series focused on the preservation and promotion of folklore and oral history from around the world.

Pre order Welsh Monsters and Mythical Beasts from my website -

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